REIvolution Features

The first all-in-one data-driven platform that empowers real estate investors to scale their business.

Lead Management

Track & update leads information at every step of the process.

Property Information

Keep all information in one place and get help from Zillow to find out more.


Organize them as you need & have reminders in place for everybody.


Making a deal is not easy. Get help with all those papers and steps.

Phone Client

Track leads calls, make phone calls, send SMS, dialer.


All persons, entities, companies information in one place.

Track Communication

Keep all communication linked together (SMS, voice, email).


Make a property available to many buyers quick and easy.

Email Client

Have your emails managed in Podio or even get your own email client.

Drip Campaigns

Create automatic sequences as you wish (sms, mail, email, phone).

Answering Service

Get information about your leads filled in automatically.


Manage the entire rehab process of a property in a separate workspace.

Marketing Expenses

Track cost per lead for each of your marketing campaigns.


Keep constant overview of your business KPIs.


Track acquisitions, analyse results, make projections.

Task Management

Create, manage and keep track of tasks in your organisation.

Web forms

Get leads into your system by integrating webforms in the platform.


Great customer support experience

Save 600$ per year

REIvolution Lite

$ 247 / monthly billed annualy
Lead Management
No Leads Left Behind
Marketing Tracking
Management KPI’s
Tasks Management
Texting from Podio
Webform Integrations
Phone System Integrations

Our Story

Skills you can trust

“Data not drama! Data gives you confidence, gives you structure, gives you organisation, it allows you to get to the next level.”
Mark Evans DM
Entrepreneur, Best selling author
“When I look at REIvolution and what they’ve built there, it was built by investors who’ve been tweaking their processes and their systems for years, that’s where the power of it comes from!”
John Martinez
Owner REI Sales Academy
“The thing I love about REIvolution is the fact that Gabe created it for an actual business, he’s a real business owner creating millions of dollars in revenue.”
Raphael Vargas
CEO, Ace Equity Pros Tampa, FL
"I have the dashboards up every day, they work wonderfully for me, especially the call by hour one, I've been using that religiously and sharing it with the team, so we can keep track of everything. And because we have that dashboard we've been able to make out a better system for the team to go back and take care of tasks, follow-up and things like that, because we've been able to monitor call trends. That helped to state 463 tasks back to 99."
John Coyle,
CSO, EZ Homes