Now your REIvolution system can be integrated with BombBomb, offering the possibility to better connect with your clients using video messages.

What is BombBomb integration?

The BombBomb integration allows you to send video messages to your Sellers or Buyers directly from your REIvolution workspaces in Podio.

The most important features of BombBomb:

Easy usage, click a button, start recording and send, no download, links or attachments needed
It’s available on any device
Record your screen and yourself
Track videos
Schedule the exact date and time for sending the videos
Use canned video messages

How would this integration help your Real Estate Business?

Well, nowadays, videos are the most popular way of communication, bringing it a more human and personal touch.When people see the face behind the message, you establish a better connection, build trust faster, and all of these lead to converting more leads.

How would BombBomb work inside REIvolution?

When you create a sequence in the content of the SMS or email, you insert your BombBomb video, and that’s it 🙂