Hello Real Estate Investors. Hello CEO’s. Do you have 5 minutes? Probably NOT. Do you have your tasks lined up for the day? Probably NOT. Do you know what your team is doing right now? Probably NOT. Did you have time to recalculate your budget for the month? Probably NOT. Do you have an overview of the entire sales, for the week, day, or month, on the spot? Probably NOT.

Would you like to know how to resolve everything listed above in matters of minutes?

I have 5 words for you: PODIO! An incredible digital place where all your thoughts, desires and duties get aligned, form a pattern and give you an instant overview. More than that, just for you as a Real Estate Investor, there is a private destination inside PODIO, called REIvolution.

REIvolution is your personal concierge, that can open 10s of dashboards and show your KPI’s, give you real insight on what your team has been working on, take care and organize your leads and keep you updated on the current status of your companies income.

As a CEO Time is usually not on your side that’s why REIvolution came up with this Business Solution oriented CRM that puts you back in the ,,King’s seat”! Once you have all your data integrated in REIvolution system, you will have such an easy access to all the information, contacts & leads. Rest assured, the system will generate insights into how you can best utilize your Leads in the near future.

If you still have doubts I would suggest to enter Podio and surf the page for information and then go to www.reivolution.io where you can chat directly with a team member that will help you sign in