Gabriel got started three years ago and is now currently doing about five to six deals a month. How did Gabriel get started in this business? With no money in his pocket, Gabriel decided to read books about how to make money. Gabriel went to a seminar that taught him how to flip houses. He soon asked his dad for a $40,000 loan. His father pretty much hung up the phone on him.

When you’re first starting out, it’s a big learning curve, and it can get hectic trying to cramp all the info into your head. Gabriel hired a local mentor as soon as he could, to help teach him the works.

What is Gabriel’s approach to creating effective systems?

Gabriel realized that people — not systems– are foundational to his business. If you have bad people, you have a bad business. If you really sit down and think about the costs of a bad hire, you’re looking at around $60,000-120,000.

How can real estate investors ‘10x’ their business? What’s the one thing they need to do?

10-20%, if not more, of your profits should go back into marketing. You can’t build a business without marketing!

“I don’t have to work for the rest of my life. I can just acquire assets and they can pay for my lifestyle.”

“I knew I always wanted financial freedom, but I just never really knew what it was.”

“People are more important than systems.”

Ideas shared by Gabriel Garcia during The Flip Empire Show #044 by with Alex Pardo. Listen to full episode here:

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