Christian Marin, CEO, Capital Real Estate Professionals, Orlando, FL
Watch an in-depth analysis on REIvolution’s features and capabilities, as well as how it comes compared to other real estate solutions on the market.

Q: Hey Christian, so you’re in the Orlando market, right? How many deals are you doing there right now? How did you end up choosing REIvolution? And why?

A: Right now we’re doing between 8 to 10 deals a month, all wholesale deals.

At first, we talked to Salesforce, did a whole consultation with them, they threw out all the bells and whistles but the price was just so high and we wanted something that we can customise to ourselves, but we didn’t want to build it from the ground up.

When I talked to you and you gave me the hey we have this platform this is what it does but you still have to because our process are different than your process like I have a couple sales people you only have one and we’re like I want to be able to customise this specifically for this person and this person and you’re like yeah that’s the onboarding my software team is able to do it and one of the things that really caught me was that you’re like it’s all yours you once like if you don’t want to work with us you get to keep it.

So, everything you build, it’s on it, stays with you, so that was one of the biggest things that really intrigued me because I didn’t want to just take an out-of-the-box thing that I was kind of like handcuffed to the company with, because you never know how you might expand and it might be anything.

Now we’re doing a couple build-outs on REIvolution, we’re doing the sales build-out, each one of our agents has their own workspace and each workspace communicates with the main workspace, it brings all the sales together, so whenever a property’s on sale, the system brings it to each agent’s workspace. They see the property, but then we’re building an autoresponder sequence and follow-up sequence on the sales side for the disposition, so they can deal with all the files and send emails, text blasts, all the communication that they do with sellers, we’re building it, but on the sales side, and I think that’s huge.

And then, we’re doing the lending build-out for private money, which allows us to run in take a loan, whenever somebody inputs all the info just like a seller Lee comes in and then it takes all that info, then we go into an underwriting app and that has all these checklists and things and gives us num has a bunch of different formulas for how much we can lend on them, and once we lend on them then we are building the underwriting app and that one has a lot of formulas, because it keeps a running balance of the payoff, how much interest they’ve paid and then it also builds a like any documents that we need. All the documents are automatically created, so that we can keep track of any loans that we need to pay off.

I ultimately would you say that the software is probably going to make is much more efficient, probably much more organised, I mean even if it doesn’t even add to the bottom line, it’s gonna save a lot of stress and way just like and reduce the time that it should add to the bottom line.

We went through the onboarding process of my acquisitions agents and they they loved it they were like this is so much better there’s so much more organised for them to keep track of the leads and be able to communicate with them know what is actually happening in and be able to see, because a lot of times they were like where do I find this information where do I find this information what does this do and what does that do, and with our system they like during the onboarding part they were looking at me like so happy, like this is what we’ve been asking for such a long time.

Q: You’ve already been using another Podio platform?

A: Yeah, I’ve used a couple different Podio software build-outs, the last one I was using was investor fuse and it’s good, but like I said, there’s a lot of stuff that wasn’t customisable enough for our business and the things that we wanted, and when I talked to them before, they were like that’s not something we’re able to do. So we were very limited to function as efficiently and as correctly as the process that we truly intended it to do.

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