In this article we will show what’s the whole deal with our CEO dashboard, which can be accessed from REIvolution’s Operations workspace. It’s divided into 3 aspects: Financial, Marketing & Acquisitions and Operations. This is what it looks like:

You can basically see, in real time, all the info that you want to see about your business. You can also tailor it by date from the top right dropdown, if you just want to see certain metrics for a certain period, like a month or quarter.

It can be a pretty useful feature to be implemented in a sales training, to see if acquisitions have improved, or to be used even in an exit strategy.

So, on the financial side, you can see metrics like:

  • the projected profits;
  • how much money is coming in every single month;
  • what type of deal brings those profits, whether it’s retailing, wholesaling, commissions or wholetailing;
  • you can set your goals for the year and see how much profit you’ve done so far from the desired goal;
  • where your profits are coming from on a deal type basis, also from your marketing side (Direct Mail, PPC, TV, SEO);
  • the average profit per deal type;
  • transactions per year, purchases per month and sales per month.

On the marketing side you can see:

  • how many leads are coming in, how many appointments or contracts you’ve got, their conversion ratio and also their cancellation ratios;
  • the marketing $ spent per month and also per year.

All of this helps you get your business dialed in so you can make proper decisions and plan ahead to grow your business.


On the operations side, you can see metrics like:

  • average number of days to sell;
  • what’s in the pipeline right now;
  • all the rehabs, sales, closings, probates, short sales or whatever else you got going on in your business;
  • the average closing time on the sell side and also on the buy side.

On the funnels you can see things like:

  • how many leads take to get an appointment;
  • how many appointments you need to take you to get a signed contract;
  • how many signed contracts you need to take you to get to closings;
  • and all of these on the motivated seller side and also, on the other funnel, on the MLS leads conversion side.

This is, in essence, our CEO dashboard. We also have a dedicated dashboard for marketing, that’s so cool that eliminates the need for spreadsheets, so you’ll get data from anything you need to see, from markets to split tests, or to your different channel types, cost per deal, cost per type, ROI, the whole nine yards, all of this automated for you so you don’t need to hire someone to point out things to you.

All is done seamlessly and effortlessly in Podio, so we think we are taking some pretty big strides here in the real investing space, by having all of this automated for you, so that you can do what you do best and run your business.

We hope we have spurred your interest in finding out more about REIvolution, so for any questions you might have, reach out to us in Podio or through our contact page!