Remember how happy you were when Post Its were invented? Or when you bought the first big white board where you put all your teammates tasks and monthly targets? I bet you still have one somewhere in the office next to the pile of post its covering your desk and your computer.

It’s time to wrap them up and store them for next centuries museum because we have a new and productive way for you to get things done!

Meet REIvolutions automated tasks!

REIvolution, a smart CRM created especially for Real Estate Investors that want to grow their business while saving time and having a better insight of their company is introducing automated tasks as a new way of dealing with your daily, monthly schedule.

This CRM is a program that harbors your company’s entire information, employees contacts and leads. It runs like an open book. It’s as if you are constantly working in an open space, surrounded by your colleagues, but also your boss, even though you’re sitting on your couch, in your living room. REIvolution is this big online workspace where you go every day and connect with your teammates and access your tasks.

You don’t need to rely on google calendar, post its or your own memory, because REIvolution has it all stored.

First of all you save time, you save information and get everything done.

REIvolution comes with features and Apps. Every app is designed to capture and file information that is suitable to Real Estate Investing. Automated tasks can be created by your CEO and even by yourself.

The meaning of task is a usually assigned piece of work often to be finished within a certain time. Remember deadlines?

The only difference is, that within this system, your deadlines will not be piled up and forgotten, plus you can constantly work on that specific task, show your progress, add comments, and bring other fellow teammates into your task.

You can create automated tasks using 4 triggers:

  • When an item is created
  • When a comment is added
  • When another task is completed
  • When a status has a certain value

REIvolution can be seen as a tool that allows you to create and run virtually any task automatically.

It’s your reliable personal assistant that stocks your info, keeps you connected, doesn’t let you forget and helps you always finish in time.

As a CEO, you have a complete overview of your entire teams’ tasks. You can access any of their tasks, see the status of the job, how much it has been worked on and you can leave comments.

By having this transparency within your company, a quick overview of pending and past due tasks of each team member you can ensure a better functionality of your business and of course in a short period of time you will see a big difference in revenue.

REIvolution is definitely a CRM you want to have, if your focus is to increase your income and at the same time to keep your employees focused and connected to your business. Start your trial today!