Looking for new integrations? Lob is now available for your REIvolution system.

What is Lob integration?

Lob integration revolutions your mailing marketing strategy. It allows you to send letter sequences to your Seller Leads directly from your REIvolution system in Podio.
Why should you integrate Lob with your REIvolution system?

The answer is because you save valuable time. At a click of a button, you get the information printed and ready to be sent to thousands of leads. For you is like you’d use an email but in fact, you send actually printed messages.

You have the possibility to send letters or postcard and every national and international address is verified.

Lob offers the possibility to track the letters and postcards as they are in their way to the recipients and you also have access to your complete mail history.
Be creative!

Choose to be notified when your mail gets to your leads and follow-up with a call on the same day. Based on the feedback we received from other investors this one small thing doubles the impact of follow-up campaigns.

To learn more about how this works with REIvolution check here.