Thinking of ways to up your game in the real estate investment business?

As a real estate entrepreneur, your main objectives can be to sell properties or to invest in the right ones so you can build a cash flow. Now if you are an active investor, marketing plays a huge part in your business. Having a marketing plan is the first step you need to take in order to achieve your goals.

Here’s something to think about:

“The aim of marketing is to know and to understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself”

Peter F. Drucker.

But in order to get to that standard, you first have to work on the basics of marketing, like brand awareness and generating leads. These two aspects go hand in hand. If you do not invest in creating an image for yourself, potential customers will not have a reason to be interested in your product.

Thinking like a marketer will help you use your resources in a more efficient way and point advantages in your direction. A fundamental way to help you spread awareness is by making sure you have a site, so when people are looking for a company in a specific domain they will have where to get their information from.

As of the 21st century, methods of doing business have changed drastically. In this article, we will talk about doing things in the new, digitalized way. So, let’s leave aside, for now, the traditional solutions of doing marketing and see why the new ways might be more efficient for your business.

Tips for generating leads using the new ways

#1 Start with a website

People enjoy online browsing. They like to get their information fast, see photos, watch (short) videos, subscribe for news and all of this happens really fast. And mobile.

So, by creating a website you will establish a concrete base to receive prospects. This way, you’ll have a bigger chance of generating leads through email subscriptions. You will be able to analyze who your potential customers are, what they are interested in and how to improve your product.

#2 Inbound marketing

After setting up your website, make a blog and write news about your properties. Create and share stories about your customers and products. Post them on social media and build a small community of followers around your business. You can even make a virtual tour of your properties to capture the interest of your online readers.

Basically, inbound marketing is the organic way of promoting your product. It is the passive way to attract potential customers, without being too “in your face”.

You can do inbound marketing through sites, blogs, email, social media platforms and niche groups from forums and other online communities. The simple and efficient ways for capturing your prospects’ attention are pictures, videos and free advice. This builds credibility.

Think only that worldwide, there are over 2.23 billion monthly active Facebook accounts and more than 1 billion Instagram accounts. Also, there are a lot of other social media platforms which can help you reach your prospects in a fast way.

#3 PPC Marketing

Pay-Per-Click is a method you can use through Google, Facebook and other large platforms such as YouTube or LinkedIn. This is a very popular and useful marketing technique.

This way you can connect with potential customers at a reasonable price and build traffic on your website in a short amount of time. Mostly, PPC is efficient when you promote landing pages that include all the information your prospects need: details about the property, pictures and maybe videos, customer reviews, contact information or even a limited time offer.

The main things you should focus on are keyword relevance, landing page content and quality score for your campaigns. You can learn more about PPC here.

Why less is more in real estate marketing

After you have established a foundation through which you can generate leads, the next step would be managing them and making sure you don’t lose track of them.

We all know that, as a real estate investor, your job includes taking risks and making sure you have your objectives in focus. One thing is certain: indulging in administrative work and not striving to make your business automatic is the biggest mistake a real estate investor can make. (The Biggest Mistake Real Estate Investors Make… and How to Avoid It)

Keeping track of leads can be tricky if you are not well organized. Thinking like a real estate marketer means focusing on building a stable flow of leads and converting them into customers.

But how can you do this? How to make your leads feel valuable and make sure they don’t lose their interest?

Here is your answer: you need a customized online tool that helps you scale your business, keep your objectives up to date and manage your leads. You need more than a CRM software. You need a platform that helps you do less and gain more, all from one account which you can even access remotely from your smartphone.

Meet REIvolution, the platform that takes care of the overall components that add up to a successful business.

For small or growing real estate businesses, we provide a package called Lite which consists of lead management, marketing, appointments, closings, email campaigns, Phone system and many more. Having these aspects covered will definitely help you not only keep track of your leads but keep them engaged and convert them easier. This way you can focus on the core activity of your business and win back your time and money.

Using this all-in-one platform brings you a big advantage: now you can build an automated business. Read more about REIvolution Lite here.

By using a smart platform created especially for real estate investors, you will distribute work in an efficient way and not only think but also act like a smart real estate marketer.

Focus on the core. Automate your business to do less and earn more. This should be every real estate investors’ motto.